Lately I’ve been diggin’ this vegan Hummus and Avocado Toast as a super simple lunch/snack. It’s made with my healthy, homemade, lemon-garlic hummus and topped with fresh, ripe avocado. Whats not to love about that combo!?  It’s quick, easy and can be ready in under 10 minutes!
We all know hummus is a dip you can enjoy with basically anything.  I love it with crackers, naan bread, chips, veggie sticks… you get the point,  Hummus is just that good!  Well you know what else is just as good? Avocado!  Place the two on some seeded multigrain toast with sliced vine ripe tomatoes, salt and pepper and you’ve got a party for your taste buds!

If you’re anything like me, some days you just want a simple meal without too much effort… well, this Hummus and Avocado Toast has been my go to and will soon be yours too!

I always have a few avocados out ripening, tomatoes in the fridge and lately hummus in there as well.  This makes for an easy, light lunch when paired with fruit. Or a quick afternoon snack by itself.

know this Hummus and Avocado Toast recipe doesn’t fit the standards of a “real recipe” per-say, but it was too delicious, and easy to make for me not to share.  Sometimes the most basic throw-together meals are the tastiest!  And this recipe has all the taste you are looking for in an under 10 minute lunch or snack!

Here is how to make it:

Hummus and Avocado Toast



  • 2 Pieces of seeded multi-grain bread toasted (or bread of choice)
  • 6 Tablespoons hummus divided
  • 1 organic ripe avocado
  • Organic tomato slices
  • Season with:
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • Cayenne pepper optional



  • Toast your bread to desired brownness. I like my toast slightly darker, so I set the toaster to medium/dark.
  • Once the toast is done, let cool a few minutes.
  • Place about 3 Tablespoons Ultimate Hummus on each piece of toast. I like a little heat, so at this point I'll sprinkle cayenne on the hummus, but it's completely optional.
  • Now cut your avocado in half. Top each piece of toast with half an avocado, cut into chunky slices.
  • Top with tomato slices and season with salt and pepper.


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