An easy and guilt-free recipe for classic sweet and sour chicken with tons of flavor.

You might wonder: What makes this dish is healthy? – Well, most restaurants deep-fry their chicken in a thick batter, which is, let’s admit it, totally delicious. But! It’s not needed. You can get tons of flavor without the heavy oil-laden breading. This chicken is lightly coated in corn starch which is probably my favorite trick for making-over takeout dishes. The corn starch is low-carb and a very thin coating delivers a crispy exterior on your chicken when sautéed in a tablespoon or two of oil.

We ate this for lunch just yesterday and we instantly fell in love. It actually makes it hard to ever order sweet and sour chicken from a restaurant again now that we have an easy and healthier version to whip up at home in 30 minutes.

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